Sheree® 34" Dark Brown Cat Tree

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The Sheree Collection combines rest and play in a sleek and modern design. Your cat can scratch one of the built-in sisal posts, curl up on the cushion, or climb and jump throughout its enriching, multi-level design. Featuring sophisticated neutral tones, the Sheree will not only look beautiful in your home, but the high-quality materials make this cat tree dependable and long lasting.

  • Design: Multi-tiered design can comfortably support multiple cats at once 
  • Easy Assembly: Constructed from high-quality materials that are simple to put together
  • Stable and Safe: The strong, well-balanced construction ensures your pet’s comfort and safety
  • Comfortable and Soft: Includes removable 100% polyester cushion that is machine washable
  • Neutral Colors: A contemporary design and neutral color palette will complement any decor


    Cat Tree Instruction Manual

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